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Authentic Coney Island Style Hotdog Sauce... 

Nick's Sauce is a unique chili sauce that is great on hotdogs, hamburgers, nachos, and plenty more. It contains a special blend of spices, which gives it rich taste and packs a punch as well. Years ago, Nick's Sauce was a local legend in the small town of DuBois, PA, where it was first sold 1918 at a little hot dog stand called "Nick’s Texas Hot". The demand for the delicious sauce became so great that it was packaged and sold to local grocery stores, and restaurants. The family of Greek immigrants who created it was very qualified in the field of culinary arts, owning multiple restaurants, and selling a wide range of food products from spaghetti sauce to salad toppings. However, none of these items ever became as famous or as widely enjoyed as Nick's Sauce. The product was taken off the market around the turn of the millennium. Now it is back on the market as good as ever. Order now from your computer!

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Suggested Servings: On hotdogs, hamburgers, and french fries. Check out our Recipes page for some seriously good eats.

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    1 Packet 4.50

    5 Packets 14.95

    1 Industrial Bag 59.95

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There are years of History behind Nick’s Sauce. Learn more about this product’s long journey by visiting the  History page.

Want more interesting ways to enjoy Nick’s Sauce? Browse the Recipes page, and submit one of your own favorite recipes.

If you have any questions about the product or problems with an order, please visit the Contact Us/ Special Information page and submit an inquiry.

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What’s New at Nicholas Convenient Foods This July?

Need more sauce mix for you restaurant? Now buy forty-five ounce industrial size bags of mix. Choose it as an option while checking out. For more information please visit the special information page, and submit and inquiry.

Check out some of our new Nick’s Sauce recipes! Visit the recipes page or share some of your own favorite uses for Nicks sauce by filling out the form at the bottom of the page. Nick’s nachos are great for the upcoming football season.